4 Easy Steps to Lettering Composition (Like A Pro)

Planning your lettering composition can be daunting, and it may seem like you need to spend more time on it rather than the lettering itself. It may be sometimes true, but let me break it down into 4 easy-to-follow steps on how you can do lettering composition like a pro!

1. Choose Your Quote

You don’t have to spend so much time in browsing and choosing the perfect quote to do for the day. As long as you believe in the message of the quote and it has correct spelling and grammar, go for it! You can write your own quote if that’s easier for you.

2. Select the Words to Highlight

Normally in lettering composition, we do not write all words in a uniform size and style, or in paragraph form. We mix up different lettering styles and letter sizes, and we write them in multiple lines when we design our quote to make it look more engaging.

Pick the most important word (or words, if you chose a long quote) of the quote to emphasize later. We usually pick the word that holds the meaning behind your quote.

 3. Assign & Arrange the Shapes

Group the non-emphasized words together and assign shapes for each word group. There are a lot of different shapes we can choose from, you can go simple with a rectangular shape or go creative with a more interesting shape. Since the important words of your quote will be emphasized, assign bigger shapes for those words.


Stack the shapes together and align them vertically centered. Make sure all the shapes fit perfectly together, if not, assign different shapes that will look better.


 4. Draw the Guide Lines & Shapes

Use a pencil to draw the center guide line, your word shapes, and the rough sketches of your letters. You can use a dot or a grid paper to help keep the shapes aligned, but you can’t erase the dots or grid lines later. Or you can use the Composition Ruler to easily draw the shapes perfectly without the printed dots and grid lines.

You can purchase the 3” Composition Ruler here!

Here is a quick video on how to use the Composition Ruler:

Do the Lettering!

After the guides are drawn, start working on the lettering. You can try different lettering styles on a separate sheet of paper first to see if the styles you’ll choose will look great together. You can also add decorations to elevate your lettering. After you have done the lettering, erase your guide lines! Then that’s it! Four simple and easy steps in preparing your lettering composition!

Start making Lettering Composition LIKE A PRO!

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