Kuala Lumpur Workshops April 2019

Last April I had the privilege of sharing my lettering skills in Malaysia with Cziplee and Stickerrific. I taught three classes there and did an event on the first weekend on April 2019.

My first two classes in Cziplee was about Improving Your Brush Calligraphy. In this interactive/coaching-type workshop, I not only talked about the importance of practice to improve your brush calligraphy, but I shared with my students how to practice effectively. A smart method of practicing which includes several practical steps that guarantees improvements when you practice this way.

To my surprise, my Saturday class sold out immediately, and I was happy to hear that some students transferred to the Friday class to give way to those who can not attend the workshop on a weekday.

My last class with Stickerrific was on Lettering Composition & Floral Decoration. In this workshop, the students were able to enhance their lettering composition skills by learning how to use word hierarchy to compose engaging layouts. Each participant got to use the Composition Ruler, which allowed them to draw their layout shapes/guides easily and accurately!

Here are some photos from my KL workshops.

Btw, that's Shikin, she's my long-time follower. She stayed throughout the different seasons of my work - from doodling to Rocca Wallet to paper art to brush calligraphy to lettering composition til today!

Photos by Joy of Cziplee & Szetoo of Stickerrific


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