Lettering Using LEAVES!! (Trying something new)

Nico Ng

Happy New Year, everyone!

I was inspired by Stefan Kunz to "Create something even if it sucks!" So I tried a new style of lettering using LEAVES and ink. It was my first time trying this technique. I thought of this technique a while back. Since then, I wanted to try this technique, but I was afraid that it won't turn out okay and I never tried it out. But since it's New Year, and I'm feeling inspired, I decided to finally give it a try! #LeafLettering

I like the results, I hope you do to!

It was messy to make but worth it!

This is the final edited artwork. Enjoy!

I encourage you to try something new, or to try this technique. And if you do, please tag me so that I could see your work!

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