Part 1: NN Digital Composition Ruler .procreate

Your composition shapes and layouts on paper can now be easily recreated on Procreate with the Digital Composition Ruler Pack. 

Lettering experience made simple, accurate, and customizable.

Draw your lettering layout shapes using this template like how you do it on paper with the Composition Ruler.

Canvas size is: 4000px x 5000px.

Let’s now look at the features of this template.


1. Main Composition Shape - Arc

4 sizes of curvature to choose from. On the side, you have the sample layout shapes you can create with an arc.

2. Main Composition Shape - Wave

4 slopes of waves to choose from. The sample shapes on the side give you a quick idea of what you can create with the wave.

3. Main Composition Shape - Angled

4 angles of the diagonal line and V-shapes to choose from. See the sample layout shapes on the side that you can create with a diagonal or a V-shape.

4. Main Composition Shape - Horizontal Line

Horizontal line guide for rectangular shapes. 

5. Main Composition Shape - Circular

10 diameters to choose from to customize your semi-circle shape. And on the side, you have sample shapes you can create with this template.

6. Vertical Grid

Set the width of your layout shapes with the vertical grid.

You have mirrored solid, dashed, and dotted lines for easier reference when drawing & centering your layout shapes. 

7. Radial Grid

Set the width of your circular shapes with the radial grid.

You have mirrored guide angles for easier reference when drawing and centering your semi-circle shapes.  

How to use:

Now, let’s learn how to use the Digital Composition Ruler.

Watch the video and follow the step-by-step instructions below. 

Before we start, import the ‘NN Digital Composition Ruler .procreate’ file to Procreate by clicking on the file in your files folder.

Step 1

Add a new layer and start tracing your desired shapes on the template.

Tip: You can draw each shape on a separate layer to move them around easier.

Step 2

Arrange the top & bottom shapes of your layout guide to the desired height.

To execute this, turn on Magnetics under Snapping to restrict the movement to vertical direction so the shapes will still be perfectly centered for balance.

Step 3

Define the width of your shape by drawing the left and right boundary lines using the Vertical Grid as your guide.

Step 4

Erase the excess lines.

Step 5

Repeat the process for the remaining shapes of your layout.

Step 6

Finalize your layout guide by arranging your shapes to get the right spacing.


How to make your lines and curves more refined?

Keep your pencil pressed on the screen after drawing a line or curve. Procreate will automatically turn an uneven or squiggly line or curve into a refined one when you do this technique.

Drawing the wave shapes on the template will require drawing two curves. Draw the left side first (hold the pencil to turn into a refined shape), then draw the right curve connecting the first curve. Erase the excess lines where the two curves meet so you’ll get one smooth curve.

Watch the demo video tutorial here:


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