"Whispers of Love" Lettering Templates
"Whispers of Love" Lettering Templates
"Whispers of Love" Lettering Templates
"Whispers of Love" Lettering Templates
"Whispers of Love" Lettering Templates

"Whispers of Love" Lettering Templates

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February 2024 Edition

Got a thing for lettering but not sure what to scribble next? Or maybe figuring out the perfect layout for your words is where you're stuck? No worries, we've got something special for you this month!

Say hello to our lovingly picked collection of 18 (+2 bonus) quotes all about love, ready to make your February a little warmer and a whole lot sweeter. And the cherry on top? Each quote comes with its very own lettering template, designed with care by Nico Ng, to spark your creativity and spread some love.

Ready for Both Digital and Print: Whether you're a fan of getting your hands dirty with ink and paper, or you're more into tapping away on your tablet in Photoshop or Procreate, we've got you covered. Pick from PDF, PSD, and PNG formats and get started in a snap!

Let's Make Something Beautiful! It doesn't matter if you're just dipping your toes into the world of lettering or you've been at it for ages; these templates are here to help you sprinkle a little extra love into your projects. Think of them as your friendly nudge to create something from the heart.

This Month's Heartfelt Quotes + Unique Layouts:

  1. Love is what the heart feels.
  2. Let your love shine through actions not just words.
  3. Home is where love resides.
  4. Love is the warmth that melts us.
  5. True friends light up the darkest days.
  6. Bonds bridge hearts together.
  7. Harmony grows where kindness flows.
  8. Love transcends like a melody through the seasons.
  9. The heart beats to the rhythm of compassion.
  10. Always speak with kindness.
  11.  The beauty of love lies in simplicity
  12. Friends make times better.
  13. Honesty outweighs grand intentions.
  14. Friendships are precious treasures.
  15. Love knits us together.
  16. What was broken can be mended by love.
  17. Friendship sails life's best ship.
  18. A family's love is life's greatest joy.
  19. Let love guide your life's journey.
  20. A life of love is the greatest adventure.

Formats You'll Get:

  • PSD
  • PDF
  • PNG

This February, let's fill our pages with Whispers of Love. Whether you're crafting a gift, penning down your feelings, or just in the mood for some lovely lettering, these quotes and templates are your go-to pals. Ready to spread some love?