Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle

Composition Ruler Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:

  • 3-inch Composition Ruler
  • 5-inch Composition Ruler
  • Lettering Composition Handbook

 Creating eye-catching layouts can be challenging, even for pros. Simplify the process with our Composition Ruler, designed specifically to transform your cluttered layouts into impressive ones. Create beautiful layouts with this unique, accurate and effective Composition Ruler!

A UNIQUE RULER - Unlike any other stencil, this Composition Ruler is designed with measures, symmetry, and correctness in mind. Our unique Composition Ruler makes drawing simple to complex shapes a breeze. 

DESIGN PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING LAYOUTS - The Composition Ruler is the secret weapon for making layouts look more beautiful and polished. Made from clear acrylic with a vertical center guide, measurement markers, and 1/4th and 1/8th inch guides, this ruler makes it easy to customize a more refined grid to create professional-looking layouts.

ACCURATE AND EFFORTLESS - Draw your well-balanced lettering layout shapes effortlessly and accurately. This Composition Ruler is meant to make drawing and combining shapes for your lettering layout a snap.

DRAW LAYOUTS EASILY - Create simple to sophisticated composition layouts by following five simple steps. Simply place the Composition Ruler in the center of your paper and mark the top and bottom measurement indicators. Draw your grid's edges and the center line. Align the ruler to the middle line and build your layout shapes swiftly and easily.

EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY - You'll find all the shapes you need here! The Composition Ruler is a powerful tool that helps you to be creative in your layout creations. A variety of shape choices allows you to personalize your unique lettering design.

Watch the instructional video HERE!


by Nico Ng

I wrote this book to share with you my lettering process and my tips for creating balanced lettering compositions that I have learned over the years. I included some exercises for you to apply the techniques on planning and sketching your lettering compositions.

* 5.75" x 8.5"
* 52-pages
Includes tips & 11 exercises


  • Lettering Composition Study
  • Analyzing the Quote
  • Dividing & Arranging the Quote
  • Assigning Shapes for the Layout
  • Choosing the Right Lettering Style
  • Decorations & Letter Effects
  • Composition Ruler Exercises 


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