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This workshop was the best way to start my 2021, #CreateBetterLettering challenged me to use color, my pieces are usually monochromatic so this workshop helped me a lot to get out of black and white. Nico has a very practical and easy way of explaining concepts, he is a very good teacher without a doubt, he shares all of his knowledge without sparing!!!

- Amarilla Yya (@amarillita.co) 

Nico Ng

You are not limited to what you know now…
You can take it to a whole new level and let it open new doors for you. 

Does this sound like you?

  • "I see little improvements in my work, but I want to improve my skills faster."
  • "I feel like my work is not good enough compared to other artists."
  • "How are they not running out of creative ideas? "
  • "I love creating but I don’t have the motivation and excitement to do so."
  • "I want to have my own lettering style, but I don’t know how to do it."
  • "I’m a seasoned artist and want to expand my lettering knowledge but I don’t know where to start."
  • "Creating can feel lonely, if only I belong to a creative Community."

I’ve been stuck where you are, figured it out on my own, and I can help you move forward and create better lettering.

Nico Ng



It never occurred to me that I can make something out of drawing words.

Lettering was never a path I considered taking because I wasn’t good at drawing. And at that time, I can’t envision lettering to be more than something I do when I’m bored. But pursuing it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In 2014, I decided to take lettering more seriously. I wanted to transform that hobby into another service I can offer to my clients as a graphic designer.

So I put in the time and effort to learn more about lettering and to improve my lettering skills. It was when I started noticing improvements in my work that doors started to open for me. And it was when I saw where I can take my lettering and where it can take me.

But it wasn’t a smooth-sailing journey. I’ve encountered a lot of struggles along the way.

The biggest one was actually self-inflicted. I insisted on figuring things out on my own. I eventually learned how to create quality lettering content, but it took me so long, I had to experience many mistakes to learn how.

Another huge struggle I had to overcome was the feeling of being lost. I was clueless on how to improve my work, and I was stuck not knowing what to do next.

I was indeed able to learn what I needed to by figuring it out on my own. But we know that our time is so precious, and there is a better and easier way to learn how to create better and discover your own style.

I don’t want you to waste your time and effort as I did, that is why I created this program – to help you avoid the costs and frustrations of figuring everything out on your own and to make the creative journey enjoyable!

I never imagined that with lettering, my products would reach the other side of the world, my talks and workshops expanded outside my home country, and my work led me to collaborations with international brands. Those are some of the possibilities where creating better lettering can take you.  

Nico Ng

And that story doesn’t end with me…

Lettering can also take you to greater heights. 


Regardless of where you are on your creative journey, there is always room to expand your knowledge & creativity. Let’s take your lettering to the next level by embarking on a creative exploration of learning new styles and creating quality work that will open new doors for you.

This membership program will:

  • Guide you in exploring different creative methods & techniques to letter.
  • Save you time from trying to figure out how to create better lettering on your own.
  • See that you avoid the same mistakes I did so you can achieve your goals faster.
  • Help you create quality lettering pieces and discover your own style as we go on our lettering adventure!
  • Give you a community that supports and encourages you to keep creating better lettering. 

Are you ready to join me in this adventure?

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The #CreateBetterLettering is an absolutely wonderful and an enlightening experience. This workshop+challenge has dramatically increased my knowledge in the fundamentals of creating a quality lettering project. I'd definitely recommend this workshop for the clear and concise approach on taking your next lettering project on another level.

- Ian Fami (@inktrinsic04)


Weekly Explorer’s Log

Weekly prompts to explore new lettering styles / techniques

Lettering guide sheets for the weekly prompts

Weekly Explorer’s Live Assembly 

live sessions + replays

Week 1: Masterclass
Week 2: Draw-With-Me!
Week 3: Talk + Q&A
Week 4: Critiquing Your Work

Close-knit Community

Be part of our Facebook online community and connect with like-minded creatives who share the same passion to create better lettering


Campfire Sessions & Guest Experts 

Scheduled live hangouts! Let’s get to know each other and have fun creating together! And I will be inviting guest artists to join us in selected sessions.

Nico Ng

You don’t need fancy materials to be a great letterer. All you need is your creativity, curiosity to keep learning, and determination to take it to the next level.

I participated in this wonderful workshop hosted by Nico. It was a great challenge to improve my lettering technique and understand the importance of guidelines, balanced layouts, letter formations and clean lines. Nico put a lot of effort into hosting this challenge with 4 days of consecutive live sessions along with a pdf guide for each day. He encouraged us to share our artwork and lessons learned and provided positive feedback to all participants. It was motivating to share our artwork with the other members in the group and it was inspiring to see everyone’s interpretation of the challenge.
If you have the opportunity to learn from Nico I would highly recommend him. His work is beautiful and you will learn a lot from him!

- Munaza Rashid (@lovetoletter85)


  • Do I need specific materials to create the weekly projects?

    The project ideas are not specific to either analog or digital work. You are free to choose which materials you are comfortable with. No specific materials will be needed.

  • How long will the program last?

    This is a membership program, so it renews every month. And you have full access to the program as long as you are a member.

  • When does the membership start?

    The program starts on the 3rd week February 15, 2021.

  • Can I join the membership anytime?

    Unfortunately, no. We close registration so we can focus on our existing members. However, if you missed the registration dates, feel free to sign up for the waitlist so we can notify you for when doors open again.

  • How much is the membership fee?

    Because this is the first time I’m offering this membership, I am offering it at a very low rate of $37 per month or you can pay annually to get 2 months for FREE ($370 instead of $444)!

  • What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

    If you cannot join live, don’t worry. You have access to all replays as long as you are a member in good standing. It is usually available within 24 hours after the live session.

  • Are you going to share the same content on your Facebook or Instagram?

    No, all membership materials are exclusive only to paying members. They will not be shared on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Will you feature our work on your Facebook or Instagram?

    Absolutely! I will give shout outs to members who work on the weekly projects and share their work.

  • What are the topics of the live sessions?

    It varies depending on the theme of the month. I will set specific themes to help you grow continuously. Live sessions will be to support whatever theme was planned.

  • What are the schedules of the live sessions?

    1st & 3rd week’s live will be from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST.
    2nd & 4th week’s live will be from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST.

    I encourage everyone to go live so you can ask questions. But if you are not available to join us live, don’t worry because replays will be available within 24 hours.

  • Can I still access the membership materials when I am no longer a member?

    No. Unfortunately, only active members will have access to the exclusive content.

  • Can I cancel my membership anytime?

    Yes, if you are no longer interested in the membership and you want to cancel, you may do so anytime. However, please note that cancellation means losing all access and privileges to all membership materials.

  • Do you offer refunds in cases I no longer want to be a member?

    No, we don’t do refunds on our membership programs.

The #CreateBetterLettering workshop + challenge is open for all levels of hand lettering enthusiasts. I love how the 4-day workshop is well planned - from the "secrets" to the challenge per session. It's great that for the live sessions are divided into the talk part, review of our artworks, recap of what we learned plus the actual demo itself. I also like that the videos can be replayed and the guides can be downloaded again for future handlettering practices. The guides also manifest clear instructions. The community we built is a commumity that encourages and inspires one another and I think that's really beautiful.

- Mharizz Martin (@artsystoriesph)

About Nico Ng.

Nico Ng is a lettering artist, designer, and creative entrepreneur from Philippines.

It is his goal to champion his creativity in order to have the mastery and privilege to bring value to fellow artists. 

Nico's creation, the Composition Ruler and Letter Ruler, garnered attention and great feedback from the international lettering community and he currently has a growing number of retailers around Asia, America, and Europe.

Nico give talks, live demos, and workshops both locally and internationally. His most noteworthy talk was in Singapore’s Library Orchard in partnership with the country’s National Library Board. He has collaborated with huge brands like Tombow, Faber Castell, and Manuscript Pen Company for creative projects and events.

His creative passion has always been a key driver to come up with fresh ideas and create new styles and techniques.

It’s time you join me on this adventure!


The challenge created by Nic #CreateBetterLettering was a fabulous tool in which he shared with us his main secrets when creating a piece of lettering. Through 4 days, Nic immersed us in an enchanting creative world, discovering the steps by step of his favorite techniques. His clear and concrete explanation allowed us to carry out the challenge and above all have fun when creating. One of the most important tips he gave us is that simple can be beautiful. In short, this workshop was a very useful space, it was nourished with each of his advice, his experience and especially his passion for letters. Don’t miss the opportunity to create. 

- Wilton Gomez (@quasartype)



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