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    Lettering Content Calendar Template

    Start creating and posting consistently and build an engaged audience on social media.

    • Template for Basic Content Plan
    • Template for Pro Content Plan
    • How-to-use Instructions
    • Print on A4 or use digitally

    50 Lettering & Style Prompts

    Stop wasting time scrolling through Pinterest for ideas. Pick your quote and challenge from this list, and start creating!

    • Includes 25 Word Prompts
    • Includes 25 Quote Prompts
    • Includes 4 Style Categories
    • Printable Fun Challenge (Jar of Ideas)

    #CreateBetterLettering Serif Worksheet

    Practice sketching serif letters in different widths, weights, and contrasts. Print this or work on your iPad.

    • 16-page Worksheet
    • Uppercase & Lowercase letters
    • Try different letter weights, widths, and contrast
    • Print on A4 or practice digitally

    8 + 8 Precomposed Layout Bundle

    Create better lettering layouts with these pre-composed lettering templates.

    • 8 Pre-composed Lettering Layouts
    • 4 Pre-composed & Pre-filled Layouts
    • 4 #BibleLetteringCollab Templates
    • Custom layout designs by Nico Ng
    • .PSD Format

    White Flatlay Mockup Bundle

    Enhance the beauty of your lettering by presenting them in beautiful, engaging imagery.

    • 8 White Flatlay Mockups
    • Styled Flatlay Photos by Nico Ng
    • .PSD Format

    3-Step Caption Writing Guide

    Write captions that start meaningful conversations.

    • Easy to follow instructions on how to write your caption
    • 3-step Guide

    5 Secrets to Creating Quality Lettering Content

    Start creating and posting consistently and build an engaged audience on social media.

    • 15-page Guidebook
    • Includes 5 key actionable steps you can start implementing to create better & more attractive lettering content

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    Download the All-In-One Lettering Creator’s Starter Kit and start reaching for your creative goals.


    Hi, my name is Nico!

    I am a multi-disciplinary designer, educator and creative entrepreneur based in Manila.

    In my six years of running my creative business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with global brands, conducting talks and workshops on the international stage, and have sold over 4,000 of my lettering rulers worldwide.

    My philosophy is to help fellow creatives elevate and hone their artistic skills to create better design and products, and offer quality services to propel their business forward.