Lettering Game Night Player Details

The Lettering Game Night is a live online event, hosted by Nico Ng, on Messenger Rooms and broadcasted on Nico Ng’s Facebook Page. The invited guests will be playing lettering/calligraphy inspired games and interact with the audience in the live comments. The live is scheduled on Saturday nights, 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.


For special/brand-sponsored episodes, the games will be modified to promote the brand that will sponsor the players’ materials and giveaway prizes.


TOMBOW Episode Schedule:

  • October 10, 2020 – Chloe & (?)
  • October 17, 2020 – Liana & Kitty
  • October 24, 2020 – Nina & (?)


Flow of the episode:

  • Standby Screen – 2 to 3 minutes to make final preparations and share the live video across other groups
  • Opening & Welcoming – brief introduction & explanation of what we do at Lettering Game Night
  • Guests Introduction – introduce & show guests’ best works and their social media details
  • Game Mechanics – explaining the games & its rules
  • Game Time – time to play the games and invite the live audience to join in the comment section
  • Post-game Reactions & Shout Outs – thanking the guests and the live audience for participating
  • Giveaway – announce episode’s giveaway & previous episode’s giveaway winner
  • Closing & Announcements – invite to watch the next episodes & follow on social media
  • End Screen – credits with social media details of the host & participants


Some important details for the guest players:

  • Live will start at 8:30 PM, but please be inside the Messenger Rooms video call by 8:20 PM for final production tests. Link to the Messenger rooms will be sent to you before 8:20 PM.
  • The live could extend 5 to 10 (if we are having too much fun! Haha).
  • Please only use Tombow materials during the live. Materials will be provided by Tombow.


What I'll need from you:

  • Player details & images your work for the promotional materials & live graphics.
    • Name
    • Nickname
    • Profile Photo
    • 1-2 images of your best work
    • Social media links (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Shipping details for Tombow to send the Player’s Kit
    • Name
    • Complete Address
    • Contact Number
  • Stable internet connection
  • Camera set-up for video call (landscape orientation)
    • Front-facing
    • Top-view set up to watch you write/draw
  • Help promote the event by sharing the poster on your social media and invite your friends & followers to watch the live and play along in the comment section. There will be a giveaway by Tombow, each comment = 1 giveaway entry.
  • See Game 2 preparations below.

 * Please email me your player details & shipping address at ruehigh@gmail.com


Pre-event Briefing:

  • Let’s schedule a video call with the other player, so I can explain the mechanics of the games and do a test run of the games.



  • Let’s keep our language PG-13
  • You can set-up another screen playing the live so you can read & respond to the comments. (Just make sure to mute the device to avoid feedback noise)
  • Only look at comments if you are not guessing or you might see the answer in the comments!
  • You can share the Live to your FB page as soon as it goes live.



GAME #1: White Tape

White Tape is a fun trivia game where the answer is hidden in a 5 x 5 letter puzzle clue. The game master will ask a question and instruct players to erase one letter at a time. Once the player knows the answer, he/she will erase all of the other letters (using Tombow’s correction tape) to reveal the correct answer. First player to show the correct answer wins a point.

Materials required: Printed Clue Cards & Tombow Correction Tape


GAME #2: Number Trivia

A fun number trivia game where the answer can only be any number between “1” to “9”. Don’t worry, they’re not all math questions! The players will have to answer by holding up the card with the numbers or names of the numbers written/drawn in their unique style! First player to show the correct answer wins the point.

Materials required: Index Cards numbered

Pre-game preparation: Create a lettering or calligraphy of each number from 1 to 9 (you can write/draw the letter or the number) on the cards provided. Feel free to decorate it if you like!


GAME #3: Flourish-ionary

Pictionary with a calligraphy twist! Pick a word, draw it, and let the other players guess. But instead of just drawing the clue, draw it with flourishes! Player will have 60 seconds to fourish the clue, and 10 seconds to guess the answer.

Materials required: Tombow ABT Brush Pens & paper


Final Reminder: