Create Inspired Lettering Styles – One City at a Time.

If you are a beginner or seasoned artist, illustrator, or designer looking for the next step to expand your skills, find your own style, or shatter creative blocks, Traveletters is for you!

Welcome to Traveletters.

Traveletters is a hands-on program that will transform the way you create new and unique lettering styles for your projects.

Each week we’ll travel virtually to inspiring cities where you'll learn and apply new techniques to create eye-catching font lettering that will wow your clients!

The destination for season 1 of Traveletters is the beautiful country of Italy. 

Traveletters Process

In the Traveletters Program, you will:

Boost Your Artistic Confidence.

Learn how to find inspiration to motivate yourself even on days when you don’t feel creative.

Create New Lettering Alphabets.

Learn insider techniques and processes behind inventing your own alphabet in the style based on a photo inspiration.

Find your Own Style.

Apply the principles and techniques to develop your own lettering styles and to help you shape your artistic style.

Get Professional Guidance.

Have a guide every step of the process to help you emerge a confident and skilled artist.

Add More Styles to Your Skillset. 

Apply your new lettering styles for various projects like typography, logo design, font design, lettering artwork, and so much more!

Travel Itinerary & Topics

Together, we will explore 4 beautiful cities to fuel our artistic journey. Imagine going on a group tour, but virtually and with a lettering take on it!

This unique format will give you a one-of-a-kind, refreshing, and value-filled learning experience.

Traveletters Rome


Geometric Patterning Method

Train your observation skills to spot patterns from photo inspirations and learn to create a working pattern to form your letters.

Traveletters Verona


Type Figure Detection

Train your observation skill to detect letter figures from photo inspirations and learn to refine and create polished letter designs.

Traveletters Pisa


Grid Structure Building 

Learn the principles and techniques to build your letter grid using features from your photo inspirations.

Traveletters Venice


Subtractive Lettering Method

Learn the subtractive method of carving out your letters with elements from your photo inspirations. 

What you’ll get:

Live Sessions

July 31, August 7, August 14, and August 21, 2021

6:00 am (PST)  •  9:A00 am (EST)  •  1:00 pm (GMT)  •  9:00 pm (PHT)

  • 4 Live Zoom Sessions, 2-hours each
  • Lifetime access to session recordings
  • Weekly homework & constructive feedback on projects
  • Access to exclusive WhatsApp group
  • Printable worksheets

First season BONUS:

  • 2 Live feedback sessions
  • Compiled alphabet guide sheets

Are you ready to discover new lettering styles?

The Traveletters Program is priced at $499. But for the first journey of Traveletters, I am offering it at a special rate of only $249!

Let’s enjoy a thrilling journey into some of the world's greatest cities, along with likeminded artists, learning valuable skills every step of the way.

SIGN UP NOW FOR $249 $499

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SIGN UP NOW FOR $249 $499

Save $250 before price goes back up!
Limited slots only.

Your Instructor

Nico Ng Traveletters

Hi, my name is Nico! I am a multi-disciplinary designer, educator and, creative entrepreneur from Manila.

In my six years of running my creative business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with global brands, conducting talks and workshops on the international stage, and have sold over 4,000 of my lettering rulers worldwide.

My philosophy is to help fellow creatives elevate and hone their artistic skills to create better design and products, and offer quality services to propel their creative pursuits forward. That is why I developed the Traveletters Program.