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7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng
7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng

7mm Letter Ruler by Nico Ng

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Creating unique letter designs has never been easier. Introducing the original Letter Ruler that allows you to draw your letters smoothly and consistently. This amazing Letter Ruler will ensure that you sketch perfect letters and space them out properly. There is no hassle or guesswork involved.

A UNIQUE RULER - The three key factors that contribute to the uniqueness of this ruler are its size, space, and style. Draw your personalized letters with little effort but high precision.

CREATE LETTER DESIGNS EASILY - Make the process of sketching accurate letters easier. Thanks to the grid feature of this stencil, you can now smoothly draw different sizes, weights, and ratios for your letter design.

EXTENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION - From the ‌letter's size, width, and weight to its contrast, the versatile customization feature of this ruler allows you to design your letters as you see fit. Make your letters with any style, shape, and effect you wish!

EDGE MEASUREMENT LINES & GRID SYSTEM - Say goodbye to manual measurements. With the Letter Ruler, you can easily measure and draw parallel lines at one unit and half-unit intervals. Moreover, the grid system allows you to choose between different sizes for your letters without manually measuring them.

FIND YOUR CREATIVE SIDE - Create captivating letters for logos, signs, monograms, posters, and more. The Letter Ruler is perfect for beginners and design-savvy individuals alike. Whatever your artistic needs, it allows you to create a masterpiece with elegance and ease.

Watch the product video here.

Product Details:

  • 77mm x 200mm
  • 1.5mm clear acrylic
  • Laser cut & engraved 
  • 7 x 11 grid system (7mm)
  • Center Guide Line
  • Edge Measurement Lines
  • Circular Template Set


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